Hala Khorshid, New Talk Show by Reza Rashidpoor

Hala Khorshid by Reza Rashidpoor
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Reza Rashidpoor starts a new TV Show named Hala Khorshid, means “Now, Sun!”.

Haha Khorshid will be started on air this week from IRIB 3 TV Channel.

Reza Rashidpoor had a live tv show in the same tv channel named Sefr Sefr (means Zero-Zero) and interviews with Jamshidi Mashayekhi, Javad Khiabani and Afsaneh Bayegan.

Rashidpour was succeeded when employed aparat dot com to produce Did Dar Shab show but after accepting the suggestion of Governmental TV, wants to start HALA KHORSHID.

You could watch HALA KHORSHID, on IRIB 3 LIVE on this url on Zendeh TV. or check out Hala Khorshid tag on Veresk Life.

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